Beginnings & Endings

Baby Naming/Blessing

A beautiful way to honour the birth of a precious soul and welcome them into your family, and into the world. A new baby brings so much happiness and hope. Denise will work with you to co-create a ceremony that is personal, unique, meaningful, and bathed in love.

House Blessing

Your new home is your sanctuary. It holds your hopes and dreams within its walls. A special place where friends and family gather together in the spirit of love and celebration. A house blessing ceremony is a time to clear out any energy from the previous owners, and invoke a sense of comfort, peace, love, happiness, harmony, prosperity, and balance for your family in your new home.

Celebration of Life

Saying goodbye to someone near and dear to us can be a sacred time of honouring the life of that person, and all that they have meant to us. A time to reminisce about all the ways they have touched our lives, and a time of celebrating the gift they have been in this lifetime. This ceremony gives us a chance to offer them blessings on this next part of their journey, and to celebrate all the ways that they will live on in the people who loved them.

Let’s make something

beautiful together.